Administration & Communications Team

Leader: Macie Garrison

Produce signage, billboards, keep up Facebook, website, and online media; helps pastor develop advertising and publicity pieces.

Audit Team

Oversees the budget process and finances in cooperation with our CPA firm.

Building and Grounds Team

Leader: Art Senteno

Building & Grounds maintenance.

Cowboy Up Team

Leader: Jack Segal

Provides manpower for special events. Heads up our involvement in The Fair, Christmas Parade, and other Community Events. 

Cowgirl Up Team

Leader: Bette Detro

Conducts special events, provides care for folks in need; loss of loved one, illness, injury etc. Includes meals, handwritten notes, phone calls, etc

Custodial Support Team

Leader: Tess Morgan

Provides extra cleaning support for building cleaning beyond the regular hired custodial service.  The team typically performs deep cleaning and other special custodial projects as needed.  Typically, the team meets once or twice a quarter, on evenings or Saturday, for several hours, to deep clean the buildings. 

Greeter Team

Leader: Janice Grunder & Jo Lynn Davis

Sees that everyone receives a warm welcome from the Parking Lot all the way into their seat. We also have Mounted Greeters at the Entrance! 

Hens & Needles Quilt Ministry 

Leader: Susan Blanchard

This team exists for women 18 and over to form a special sisterhood to praise the Lord through quilting artistry.  We gather together, worship together, learn, teach and produce quilts for our church family and for local ministries.  We meet the first Saturday of the Month at 8:30am to 30pm.

Kitchen Team

Leader: Sandra Westbrook

Provides meals for in-church events, including Sunday Morning Breakfast. Coordinates with Chuckwagon team when there is overlap or a bigger need.

Parking Team

Leader: Don Hickson

Sees that everyone receives a warm welcome and provide support and guidance to everyone parking. One Sunday per month, assist with directing traffic into parking spaces. 

Medical Team

Leader: Johanna Schroeder

Provides first aid in and contacts medical help in
case of emergency.

Men’s Mentoring Team

Leader: Dave Presswood

Mentors are folks who help others on their journey by being a step or two ahead on that journey.  Several of our men are mentoring now and are seeking for others to join the team.  Training is available.  

Music Team

Provides the Sunday Service Music and also occasional special events music.

Ordinance Team

Leader: Bryan & Gladys Rush

Assist with Baptism & Communion.

Prayer Team

Leader: Shannon Senteno

A network of individuals will take up the burdens of those who send in their request, as well as focus prayer and prayers of praise.

Production/Media Team

Leader: Cody Tilley

Serves by handling the technical aspect of Sunday Morning service such as running computers, audio, video displays, and cameras. There are some people that serve by creating content to publish on social media and the website, as well as keeping things up to date.

safety Team 

Leader: Scott Atwood

This team helps ensure safety and security during our services and at times at special events.

The Anchor holds

Leader: Tracy Philp

A women's mentoring ministry helping women in our area.  We help by lending a helping hand up or a shoulder to lean on while being powerful prayer warriors for Christ.

Set Up Team 

Leader: Bruce Mueller

Arrange Chairs Sunday Morning, spruce up the building to get ready for services.