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about Support Teams

Support Teams

Cowboy Church of Brenham functions as a church through teams, giving everyone an opportunity to be a part! Teams plan their work and work their plan. You do not have to be an official “member” of the church to join a team-there’s a place for you no matter where you are on the trail! Check out these teams and feel free to contact the team leader via contact page for more information or to give the team a try. Or, write the name of the team on a Response Sheet from the Bulletin and drop in the Barrel and you will be contacted. 


Below you will find information about and contact information for each of our Teams!


Ephesians 4:16

“From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work.”


Administration & Communications Team:  Produce signage, billboards, keep up Facebook, website, and online media; helps pastor develop advertising and publicity pieces. Ask for Judy Bachman  Communications Team

Audit Team (appointed): 

Oversees the budget process and finances in cooperation with our CPA firm, along with our Executive Pastor

Chuck Wagon Team: 

Cooks from authentic chuck wagon representing the church at outside events and outreach events; also, Chuck Wagon Competitions. Ask for Sharon Wehmeyer

Arena Team: 

Plans, promotes, and conducts Arena Event. Need folks willing to get their hands dirty; both those with arena experience and those just willing to help and learn! Ask for Sammy Sorsby

Building and Grounds Team: 

Building & Grounds maintenance. Ask for Robert Kitzman

Cowboy Up Team:  

Provides manpower for special events. Heads up our involvement in The Fair, Christmas Parade, and other Community Events. 

Ask for Jack Segal

Cowgirl Up Team: 

Conducts special events, provides care for folks in need; loss of loved one, illness, injury etc. Includes meals, handwritten notes, phone calls, etc. Ask for Bette Detro.

Greeter Team:

Sees that everyone receives a warm welcome from the Parking Lot all the way into their seat. We also have Mounted Greeters at the Entrance!  Greeter Team - Ask for Jo Lynn Davis, Janice Grunder, or Mounted Greeter Team – Ask for Susannah Bone

Parking Team:

Sees that everyone receives a warm welcome and provide support and guidance to everyone parking. One Sunday per month, assist with directing traffic into parking spaces.      Training provided; Ask for Don Hickson of the Parking Team.

Kitchen Team: 

Provides meals for in-church events, including Sunday Morning Breakfast. Coordinates with Chuckwagon team when there is overlap or a bigger need. Ask for Sandra Westbrook

Men’s Mentoring Team:

Mentors are folks who help others on their journey by being a step or two ahead on that journey.  Several of our men are mentoring now and are seeking for others to join the team.  Training is available.  For more info contact Preston Northrup @ (979) 451-2302 or email

Custodial Support Team:
Provides extra cleaning support for building cleaning beyond the regular hired custodial service.  The team typically performs deep cleaning and other special custodial projects as needed.  Typically, the team meets once or twice a quarter, on evenings or Saturday, for several hours, to deep clean the buildings.  Ask for Tess Morgan

Kids’ JAMboree Team: 

Helps kids find n follow Jesus forever! While teachers are welcomed, you do not have to feel that you can teach the bible to be a part of this team. We need folks who are ‘crafty’, or who love to play with kids, or who can organize administrate, & sign in kids, or who love music, or who are good at providing security. We need MEN as well as women and teens! The only requirements for this team are that you love Jesus, love kids, a Child Crimes Background Check. Members rotate so are also able to attend adult service. Ask for Lori Mosher

Medical Team: 

Provides first aid in and contacts medical help in

case of emergency. Ask for Larry Reese

Music Team: 

Provides the Sunday Service Music and also occasional special events music. Schedule an Audition with & Ask for Steve Westbrook

Ordinance Team: 

Assist with Baptism & Communion. Ask for Gladys & Bryan Rush

Production/Presentation Team: 

If you have a desire to help and have technical desires/skills or just want to help in setting up the displays, running the audio, handling the cameras, running computers, or video - Ask for Troy Tilley or just stop by the presentation area and talk to us on Sunday mornings.

The Anchor:
Holds, women’s mentoring team helping other women by lending an ear, a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on when needed.  Assisting in finding other resources if necessary, providing direction when desired and empowering individuals to act. Ask for Linda Pollard or church office at (979) 836-0123

Prayer Team:

A network of individuals will take up the burdens of those who send in their request, as well as focus prayer and prayers of praise. Ask for Shannon Senteno

Round Pen Leaders Team: 

Lead a Round Pen Small Group. NOT a teaching position; the leader facilitates group life and group meetings involving all in the group. Ask for Pastor Marty

Security Team (appointed): 

This team helps ensure safety and security during our services and at times at special events.  Ask for Mike Thomas

Young Adult Ministry Team:

Our Team Leader is Kristen Westbrook. The Team will plan connection events for young adults, and eventually will also provide links and guidance for online content for young adults on relevant topics. If you are interested in checking out being a part of this team. Ask for Kristen Westbrook

Set-Up Team: 

Arrange Chairs Sunday Morning, spruce up the building to get ready for Cowboy Church.  Ask for Mike Grunder 

Youth Team: 

Helps youth find ‘n follow Jesus through the exciting and wild trail ride of teen years. Ask for Olivia Voskamp, Misti Perez, or Jordan Kapchinski

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