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about OUR Kids’ JAMBoree

Our Mission:

Kids’ JAMboree is a ministry for families with children from birth to 6th grade. We meet during the worship service on Sunday mornings and have a GREAT group of volunteers who make Kids’ JAMboree a blast for the kids as they learn about Jesus.

A jamboree is a party, celebration, or other gathering where there are a large number of people and a lot of excitement, fun, and enjoyment.  And that’s exactly what Kids’ JAMboree is – a party with a purpose.  It is a place where kids can have fun finding Jesus and learning how to follow Him – Forever!

"A Ministry for families with children from birth to 6th grade"

Babies - 24 Months:

Are cared for by loving volunteers who shower these tiny ones with the love of Jesus.

2 & 3 Year Olds:

Learn that God made them, God loves them, and God wants to be their forever friend.  These kiddos will play, sing, and will hear from Miss Piggy – their very own puppet friend.  They will also have an interactive Bible Story and will make a craft to remind them of what they learned on Sunday.

4 Year Olds to 4th Graders:

Are divided into 3 classes but come together to learn about finding and following Jesus.  They are invited to sing and dance on our stage and they LOVE to see what Scout – our sheep dog puppet is up to.  They return to their own classes for an age appropriate Bible Story with fun activities and finish up with a craft they can take home.

5th & 6th Graders:

Have their own class.  They gather behind the registration desk and then are escorted over to the Feed Lot building for their age appropriate lesson.  They have a video and a game or activity to enhance their lesson. The 5th and 6th graders return to the main building before the service ends.

These students also have a special job on the first Sunday of each month. In place of their regular class, they serve as “Swing Riders” in the younger classes. Swing riders in cattle drives ride closely along each side of the herd. Their responsibility is to keep the herd together, and they are constantly on the lookout for any animals that might try to break away. They are also instrumental in backing up the point riders as the herd turns.  As Swing Riders in the younger classrooms these students help keep the kids together and focused.  They interact with the kids and help the teachers.  They love serving and do an awesome job with the little ones.  It is also a special treat for the younger kids to have these “big kids” in their classes.


Safety is one of our top priorities at Cowboy Church of Brenham.  We use a system called KidCheck to register kids. Kids receive a sticker name tag and their adult receives a matching tag that will be used to pick up their child when Kids’ JAM is over.   The system also allows for indicating allergies or any other information we might need.  

Every year we have a one day Vacation Bible School – for the whole family!  You’ll love it!


Our arena team also puts on events for kids and families like…. Fun in the Dirt, Horseless Rodeos, Play Days, Clinics, and in December – Christmas in Bethlehem

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