Cowboy Church of Brenham, Texas


It's so encouraging that so many folks wanted this prayer from the message today-to put on the gospel armor -each piece put on with prayer. Thanks for exercising your spiritual 2nd amendment right to bear armor...the full armor of God! Here is the model prayer for putting on the Armor of God...


Lord God, thank you for Your mighty armor. I pray that You would go before me today. Please take down all that the devil is scheming to attack me with. Prepare my heart and mind this morning for whatever I will face today. Help me put on my armor firmly and securely, so that I’m ready for battle.

Belt of Truth
First, help me to put on the belt of truth, to discern the truth and recognize the lies of this world. Jesus you are the truth, and the truth sets me free.
Breastplate of Righteousness
Today, I put on the breastplate of righteousness which protects the matters of the heart. I pray my breastplate would protect me from the accusations and guilt Satan tries to drown me with. I am who you say I am, I am your child, redeemed, set apart for you, righteous in your sight.
Feet Fitted With Readiness That Comes From the Gospel of Peace
Lord I ask that you cause me to stand firm with the gospel that have peace from you because I am peace with you through Jesus Christ. Help me to be ready to take your gospel to others.
Shield of Faith
Also, help me to pick up the shield of faith to help the different attacks of Satan-the fiery darts he would fire at me, my marriage, my family, my kids, my work, my finances my health.  And if Satan tries to destroy my faith with fear, remind me that the war has already been won and that he is just a roaring lion and that he is no match for you, and I am in you.. Thank you Jesus for defeating Satan for me on the cross!
Helmet of Salvation
I put on the helmet of salvation.  I receive your protection for my mind...where the battle is won. Help me focus my mind on the things you desire me to... Help me keep my mind on whatever is lovely and pure, noble and true. empower me to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ Jesus.
Sword of the Spirit
And Now, in faith I take up, the sword of the Spirit, Which is your Word O God. I pray that You would impress scripture upon my heart whenever the battle rages and sustain me on Your Word. Help me recall your powerful words when Satan starts his attack 
And So Lord, I submit myself to you, I resist the Devil, and he will flee. Greater are you in me than he that is in the world. In my weakness and submission your strength is perfectly revealed. Thank you God for granting me Your armor from heaven. God, I know there is power in putting on Your mighty armor. Help me stand strong today and please encourage my heart so that I’m fit for battle.
I pray all these things in the most victorious and powerful name of my Lord Jesus Christ who has already won the war.