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If you have any questions about the Cowboy Church of Brenham or just want to share your comments with us, please contact us by calling, sending an email or fill out our on-line contact form below.

Cowboy Church of Brenham

4400 Hwy 105

Brenham, TX 77833

Office Phone:


Mailing Address

PO Box 2516

Brenham, TX 77834

Other contact information


Teaching Pastor Marty Mosher

Phone: (512) 466-5674


Lead Pastor Troy Gardner

Phone: (979) 830-7908

Executive Pastor Steve Westbrook

Phone: (512) 217-5200


Lay Pastor Al Bachman

Phone: (847) 489-5557


Lay Pastor Lee Chalmers

Phone: (713) 859-5911

Lay Pastor Mike Grunder

Phone: (979) 451-2861

Lay Pastor Marshall Mohr

Phone: (830) 299-0699

Lay Pastor Morgan Thomas

Phone: (979) 530-8519

Joe Wiliams

Phone: (832) 894-8438


Elder Billy Bryant

Phone: (979) 337-3859

Elder Scott Eckermann

Phone: (979) 525-6349

Elder Steve Moreland

Phone: (979) 251-2430

Kids’ Jamboree


Director Lori Mosher

Phone: (512) 785-3877

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